Next Ferrari LaFerrari Screams Hell Towards Pedestrian Safety

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The Ford Mustang may have crashed into pedestrians more times than other vehicles in the performance segment but this is still not as scary as what Ferrari has in plans for the future.

The iconic carmaker has teased before that they would be launching the next-gen LaFerrari between 3 to 5 years from now and the car will feature a more futuristic appearance. The news got many car lovers excited and this includes Fernando Pastre Fertona.

The lad is famous for getting inside access at Ferrari’s productions and he also brags having a decent track record for predicting the styling of cars in the future. So when Fernando created the next-gen LaFerrari concept like how it is pictured above, we can’t help but feel afraid for the pedestrians.

As good as the car look, the LaFerrari has got a really sharp and edgy build with no signs of soft bumpers to reduce the impact in a collision. If the design is to proceed into development, you may want to stay away from car shows featuring the next-gen LaFerarri.