Next Ford Bronco: A Ranger Dressed As An SUV?

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It has been two decades since Ford launched the last Bronco and it the iconic off-roader has gone missing ever since. The absence of a brand new Bronco has placed the fans on hold for a long time but the wait for a new Bronco will look to end soon.

Ford has confirmed earlier this year that they are currently developing the next-gen Bronco and the vehicle is being pieced together alongside another returning name, the Ranger. The latter will be coming out early in 2018 whereas the Bronco is projected to arrive towards the end of next year.

Ford has also said that both vehicles will be built on the same steel platform that is used to develop the global Ranger and they are manufactured in the same production facility.

Everything sure sounds exciting until new rumors surfaced online, claiming that the Bronco will be restricted to a 4-door setup. The same rumors also indicated that the 4-door structure will be akin to the next-gen Ranger and this fueled the speculations that the Bronco will ended up being an SUV version of the midsized pickup truck.

Back in the days, the Bronco is viewed as a unique off-roader that can give the Jeep Wrangler a huge fight. So if the above is to come true, we may see the specialty getting taken away from the Bronco.