Next Ford Bronco: Anything Less Than 200K Is Considered A Failure?

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Ford has already confirmed on the development of a new-generation Bronco and the vehicle looks set to make its first appearance at the Detroit Auto Show next week.

Like how it was back in the 90s, the Bronco promises to offer the best all-terrain experience and it looks set to dethrone the Jeep Wrangler in the segment it competes in.

If this is the true goal with the next-gen Bronco, then it is only right to say that Ford needs to move 200,000 units annually if it wants to threaten the Wrangler. The iconic vehicle from Jeep has been lingering around the 200,000 sales mark for the past three years thus creating a marker for the Bronco to compete.

The next-gen Bronco is tipped to arrive with an off-road setup that is based on the F-150 and it will also be offered with Ford’s EcoBoost engines. More details on this will surface next week.