Next Ford Bronco: Bringing Down 2018 Expectations!

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The Ford Bronco is in-line for a revival through a new generation model and it will get released here in the US once Ford is done with the launching of the Ranger.

The confirmation on this happened last year and it led many to assume that the Bronco will arrive this year. Well, considering that the Ranger is still pending to get released at current time, the odds are stacked heavily against the Bronco to make its debut in 2018.

Think about it. The next-gen Ranger was tipped to arrive in Q1 this year and that didn’t happen at all. The earliest likely moment for the Ranger to get released is in Q3 this year hence making it all the more unlikely for the Bronco to come out in Q4.

The best possible scenario is to have the Ranger launched in Q3 and for Ford to use Q4 to put the Bronco on a limelight through a concept release. The next-gen Bronco can then become Ford’s prime vehicle for the next fiscal year.