Next Ford Bronco Can Put Jeep’s Hot Streak To Rest

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For the past years or so, Jeep has been making gains in the automotive industry without any challenge and they never looked like stopping. Names like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler have kept on selling like hotcakes with great consistency.

Some would say that Jeep got lucky because there is no real rival for the Wrangler. The 4×4 is simply the best and only choice in the off-road segment thus giving it a free pass in sales.

Well, the landscape will look to change come 2020 as Ford has confirmed on the return of the Bronco. The iconic 4×4 has been an absentee for over two decades already and its return will see a massive war involving the Wrangler.

If the rumors are to be referred to, the Bronco will be equipped with the same powertrain sourced from the F-150. The 4×4 mechanism, on the other hand, will be built from scratch by Ford.

Whether or not the Bronco will end up as a success won’t matter because its presence will be enough to put a brake on the Wrangler’s hot streak in sales.