Next Ford Bronco Does Toyota A Huge Favor

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Ford has confirmed on Bronco’s revival through a new generation and the vehicle is projected to make its debut late next year. Being an iconic 4×4 SUV, it explains why there is a strong anticipation for the upcoming Bronco and even Toyota is pleased by it.

Toyota has made an attempt to compete in the 4×4 scene before with the FJ Cruiser but the vehicle ended up shackled in the shadows of the Jeep Wrangler. This won’t be the case for the upcoming Bronco hence its re-entry in the market will open up new opportunities for Toyota.

The FJ Cruiser may have faced the axe but it did not left a void in Toyota’s camp. Earlier this year, Toyota was caught patenting the name TJ Cruiser and the vehicle is tipped to be the replacement for the FJ Cruiser.

The details are not out yet but if rumors are to be referred to, the TJ Cruiser is going to be a Tacoma in the shell of a rugged SUV. The TJ Cruiser will be used to compete with the next-gen Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler when released.