Next Ford Bronco, EcoSport: Did Electric Prevent LA Debut?

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Ford has got a number of exciting vehicles coming out in the near future but not one of them managed to get unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

The annual major motoring event has reached a conclusion a couple of weeks ago and this brought out confirmation that Ford didn’t bring the next-gen GT500, Ranger, Bronco and EcoSport to the event.

Today, various reports are claiming that the aforementioned vehicles are all coming to the Detroit Auto Show next month thus leading the rumours to suggest that LA’s newfound love for EVs have forced Ford to change their plans.

Seeing that the next-gen Bronco, GT500 and Ranger are going to be labelled as gas-guzzling vehicles, it probably makes more sense for them to debut in Detroit instead of LA. Furthermore, Detroit is a city in Ford’s home state and they can expect to hog on the attention at the event.

The rumours are making sense although there is no way to tell if they are truthful or not. What do you think? Did EVs placed a mental block which prevented Ford from taking over the LA Auto Show with a new Bronco, GT500, Ranger and EcoSport?