Next Ford Bronco, EcoSport Have No Love For Flowers & Sunshine!

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Ford has already confirmed on the development of the next-gen Bronco and EcoSport but they have yet to show the public the progress they’ve made with the two hotly anticipated vehicles.

The rumours may have claimed that a production-ready Bronco Concept and EcoSport will debut at the annual LA Auto Show but they are entirely wrong. Ford went to the event empty-handed and their biggest reveal is about Lincoln. So, could this mean delays to the Bronco and the EcoSport?

The answer is yes but we don’t think it has anything to do with development. Instead, it is with the nature of this year’s LA Auto Show. The motoring event that ended a couple of days ago is considered as dull and uninspiring.

It cannot be helped as the vast majority of unveilings are SUVs, crossovers and hybrid/EVs. Perhaps, Ford knew this beforehand hence they have decided not to bring out the Bronco and EcoSport. It is a common practice to delay the unveiling of a product when the target attention is not present hence Ford’s actions are completely understandable.

With that being said, we would assume that the next-gen Bronco and EccoSport will look at the next Detroit Auto Show as the ideal location for their debuts. What do you think?