Next Ford Bronco: It Will Take A Miracle For Debut To Happen In 2018

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It is no secret that Ford is going to revive the Bronco through a new generation model and the vehicle is believed to be in development since 2016.

As such, it came to no surprise that many are expecting this year to be the year where Ford pull the curtains off the next-gen Bronco – something that realistically looks unlikely to happen at all.

Based on Ford recent comments on their release plans for 2018 and beyond, it looks like the Bronco will only make its debut towards the end of 2019, next year. Ford’s plan for this year is to bring out the Ranger as well as promoting new crossovers.

We are already nearing the end of Q1 2018 and Ford is still pending to bring out the production-ready Ranger. This means that the Ranger is going to come out towards the later part of this year, thus leaving no room for the Bronco to make its unveiling.

Having the Bronco sharing the stage with the Ranger won’t be a sound business decision as it may lead both vehicles to compete against one another for publicity.