Next Ford Bronco: May As Well Call It The American Troller

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Ford has already confirmed on the return of the Bronco through a new generation model in the near future but until they have something to unveil, nobody knows exactly what the next Bronco will have to offer.

On the other hand, there are the rumours which you can refer to for a better idea of how the next-gen Bronco will be like. The latest word on the Bronco, however, may not be something you will be pleased to hear as they are claiming that the vehicle will be based on the Ford Troller.

The Troller is a rugged, off-road focussed SUV that is being sold in Brazil and many once thought that the vehicle was going to be the new Bronco for the US market. Well, this expectation is apparently right after all as the Troller will be the base model for the next-gen Bronco – at least according to the rumours.

The rumours further claimed that the differences on the Bronco will be with its design and powertrain. Everything else – from chassis to measurements- will be akin to the Troller.

As plausible as this may sound, you are advised to take the above with a grain of salt since the information is based on unofficial sources but we do like to know on your stance if the Bronco is truly based on the Troller.