Next Ford Bronco: Playing Down Release Expectation!

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After two decades of absence, Ford has finally confirmed on the Bronco’s return although they have yet to share on when that will happen.

The next-gen Bronco was brought up by Ford last year and it will be coming out after the next-gen Ranger has made its debut. This is as far as we know about the Bronco and there’s nothing more which we can add to that unless we are to refer to the rumours.

The rumour mill has been claiming that the Bronco will arrive this year, several months after the launching of the new Ranger. Well, seeing that the Ranger has already missed its Q1 debut date, it makes it less likely for the Bronco to debut before 2018 ends.

The best outcome in this situation is for the next Bronco to make its concept debut at a major auto show this year and get released next year. There is just no chance for the Bronco to commence production and deliveries this year.