Next Ford Bronco Re-Invites Toyota For Off-Road Mayhem!

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Come next year, Ford is going to launch the next-gen Bronco and the vehicle will put an end to Ford’s two-decade long absence in the off-road SUV scene.

Like how it was in the 90s, the next-gen Bronco will be competing fiercely with the current segment leader, the Jeep Wrangler. The latter has been dominating the off-road scene ever since the Bronco disappeared and it offered no opportunities for other makes to compete.

Well, when the Bronco makes its return, it is expected to diversify the off-road market and Toyota is seeing a renewed opportunity to compete. Toyota has made an attempt before with the FJ Cruiser but the vehicle was unable to escape the Wrangler’s shadows.

It is now discovered that Toyota has patented the name TJ Cruiser, which is going to be their new champion in the 4×4 scene. More details on the TJ Cruiser are expected to surface later this year.