Next Ford Bronco: This Has To Be It!

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The picture above is a rendering of the next-gen Ford Bronco and while it may not come from official sources, there is a big chance for the upcoming vehicle to appear like the above.

If you have been following reports on the next-gen Bronco, then you must have heard one claim which suggests that the vehicle will be strongly based on the Ford Troller.

As such, an independent artist has decided to take the official design of the Troller and edit it with inspirations taken from the early 2000s Bronco Concept. The result is a production-ready Bronco which you can see above and it may just end up being close to the real thing.

The next-gen Bronco is expected to make its debut later this year and once it is out, we will see how close the design is to the concept above.

Credits: Speed Driven