Next Ford Bronco To Skip The Basics & Jump Straight To Raptor?

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the next-gen Ford Bronco and many can’t wait to check out what the vehicle will have to offer.

The expectations are high for the Bronco and this is due to the vehicle’s achievement back in the 90s. During its last active years, the Bronco can do off-roading so well that it managed to give the iconic Jeep Wrangler a real fight.

There is no doubt that the next Bronco has the potential to be even better than the latest Jeep Wrangler and this is now being backed up by a product engineer from Ford. The lad went online to share that the next-gen Bronco will ride significantly better than the Jeep Wrangler.

The only setback here is that good things won’t go for cheap as the lad has warned that consumers shouldn’t expect a base trim with the Bronco. While not official yet, the product engineer claims the Bronco will be premium throughout with a standard trim and a Raptor trim slotting right above it.