Next Ford Ecosport Restores Hope For Fiesta RS

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The rumors are rife in claiming that Ford will be producing the Fiesta RS very soon in the future and they pointed out several clues that has led them to make such claims.

The first clue is with the Fiesta ST, which is now a launching title alongside the new-generation Fiesta. Normally, Ford would launch a standard Fiesta first before bringing out the performance variant. The fact that the ST is making an immediate debut suggests on even greater things to come in the future – the Fiesta RS.

Then, there is thing about the Ecosport planning to make its debut here in the US. The compact crossover has been doing well in the global market and it is built on the same platform used to develop the Fiesta. Despite being relatively small in size, the Ecosport is offered with AWD which makes it all the more possible for the Fiesta RS to get developed.

Today, the rumors came out with another interesting claim and it is that the Fiesta RS will rely on a 2L turbo-4 engine to develop 250hp thus making it near similar to the larger Focus ST.

While it all sounds plausible, we would still recommend taking the above with a grain of salt, at least until Ford officially mentions something about it.