Next Ford Focus ST Can Tear Apart Subaru WRX

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Ford has confirmed that they will be launching the next-gen Focus in 2018 and this will include the hotly anticipated ST trim. Today, new details on the Focus ST surfaced online and the figures are looking impressive.

It was revealed that the next-gen Focus ST will be relying on a new 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine that can develop a whopping 275hp. This is about 7hp more than the standard Subaru WRX thus putting the Japanese performance car in greater danger of a downfall.

The latest Focus RS has already done its part in reducing the WRX STI market share and the upcoming Focus ST can deal the final nail on the coffin. But of course, we don’t expect Subaru to keep quiet about it. The Japanese carmaker is likely to hasten the development of a more powerful WRX for the future.

Until then, the next-gen Focus ST looks likely to dominate the affordable performance scene. The fact that the ST can pump out so much power through a 1.5L mill has got us more excited to see what the next-gen Focus RS may have to offer.