Next Ford Mustang GT500 May Lose V8 Forever!

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If you are a Ford Mustang purist, we have got some bad news for you. The next-gen Mustang GT500 is at risk of losing its traditional V8 engine forever and this was further highlighted in a leak that surfaced yesterday.

An insider from Ford made a quick run through of the products that are coming to the dealers in the future when he found that the code which represents the naturally aspirated V6 engine on the current Mustang is no longer valid.

He then called for Mustang lovers to brace for a full EcoBoost Mustang makeover that will start with the next Mustang Facelift. If the pattern is to follow for higher-end Mustang models, the next GT500 may just ditch the traditional V8s for an EcoBoost V6.

It is an outcome that many predicted would happen several years ago, especially after seeing how Ford was able to reduce the power figures of the V6 to make the 2.3L EcoBoost look more feasible. The question is will the EcoBoost makeover affect the next Mustang GT500?