Next Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Renews Love For V8s

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If there are no V8s, there can never be a Mustang. Those are some strong words from Ford UK when they responded to a question to a green autonomous future. Ford UK spoke on behalf of Ford as a whole that they will continue developing the Mustang even when the auto world is changing.

This means that we can expect the Mustang to continue running on V8s, particularly the GT500 model. The quote also confirms that the rumours claiming the next GT500 to ditch the Coyote V8 for something smaller are wrong.

For all we know, Ford can further renew their love for V8 engines by offering two different 8 pots with the next GT500. This is a possibility that cannot be written off just yet, especially after seeing Ford USA recently confirming that the 4.2L V8 that is in development. In addition to that, Ford USA also said the Coyote V8 won’t go away.

So if you are a fan of V8s or Mustangs, you can rest assured because the next GT500 will continue to be a gas guzzling, overpowered beast.