Next Ford Ranger: Is It Holding Back Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup?

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Hyundai is now viewed as a major brand in the automotive industry but they are still not a complete deal yet. There are still some gaps in Hyundai line-up and the carmaker is hoping to fill them all within the next decade.

Among them is a pickup truck, something which Hyundai is hoping to offer soon. Hyundai has already unveiled the Santa Cruz pickup truck concept a couple of years ago and they have confirmed on its development. However, the lack of progress report has got many speculating that the Santa Cruz pickup has been cancelled by Hyundai.

Well, we can confirm that the Santa Cruz pickup truck is still active in development and Hyundai will be bringing it out before 2019. Hyundai said so when questioned about the return of the Ford Ranger earlier today.

While no details were provided, it does sound like Hyundai is waiting for Ford to make the first move before it decides to launch the Santa Cruz pickup truck. The Ranger promises an enticing experience when released and its popular name is likely to cause a stir in the midsized pickup segment.