Next Ford Ranger To Feature Bronco Built With F-150 Finish

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Ford has already confirmed on the return of two iconic names in the American automotive market – the Ranger and the Bronco. Both the next-gen Ranger and Bronco will be hoping to arrive before 2020 and they are expected to take the market by storm.

Between the two, the Ranger is expected to arrive first and today, we are able to learn more about the vehicle. Ford’s annual shareholders’ meeting saw the CEO confirming that the Ranger will have a body-on-frame setup.

If we are to pair this information with the spy shots surrounding the next-gen Ranger, we can look forward to seeing the midsized pickup truck sharing plenty of body parts with the Bronco but finished with a styling that is heavily influenced by the F-150.

Such an outcome will certainly please us because we would prefer the above over the Ranger being nothing more than just a Bronco with a bed attached on its back. Both the Bronco and the Ranger are being built in the same Michigan facility but they will be tailored for different segments.