Next Ford Ranger Will Escape Bronco’s Label

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It is no secret that two iconic names from Ford will be making a return in the US and they are the Bronco and the Ranger. Both vehicles are really popular during their active periods thus explaining why many can’t wait to meet and greet the next-gen Bronco and Ranger.

Both vehicles are expected to arrive before 2020 and they are being developed alongside each other in Michigan as we speak. Ford revealed that they managed to save a lot of money from retooling due to having both the Ranger and Bronco being built on the same plant and this got many speculating that the Bronco will end up being a 4×4 SUV version of the Ranger.

Obviously, the rumors are based on logical thinking and we don’t think it is going to be the outcome. If you are to check out spy shots of the next-gen Ranger, you will see that the vehicle has got the structure and design language of the larger F-150. Hence, it is unlikely for the Bronco to follow the Ranger.

The Bronco will instead have a body-on-frame build with a unique design to offer. Both the Bronco and Ranger will still be sharing parts with one another but the same can’t be said on the styling front.