Next Ford Shelby GT500: Is It Ready For Challenger Demon?

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By now, most of you should be aware of the fact that Dodge is developing a more powerful version of the Challenger Hellcat and the vehicle will be called the Challenger Demon. The latter is said to be faster and lighter than the former hence we don’t think that there is a direct competitor for the vehicle.

That was the case until today when a video depicting the next-gen Ford Mustang GT500 surfaced online to us an exciting hint on the future to come. The next-gen Mustang GT500 was spotted on public roads while in its prototype form and the sound which the V8 produces won our hearts right away.

Ford has yet to share any details regarding the future Shelby Mustang GT500 but that didn’t stop the rumours from claiming the vehicle to have 700hp.It may not sound like something threatening for the challenger Demon but it may at least give the rival car a big fight.

After all, what matters most is the performance around the track, not the pony count. As long as the GT500 can score 650hp and above, it is likely to put up a big fight against the Dodge Challenger Demon.