Next-Gen Audi A3 Design Found Right Under Your Nose?

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Ever wondered how the next-gen Audi A3 is going to look like? Well, you don’t have to wait until 2019 to find out as you can already get a rough idea on how the A3 is going to look like today.

The technique is through checking out the newly released A3 Facelift, which is bound to get its design carried forward to the next-gen model. Reports from industry insiders are all claiming that the next-gen A3 will follow the styling of the latest generation A4, something which is already applied on the A3 Facelift.

Also, knowing that Audi really likes to make subtle changes on the design of their vehicles, we can safely assume that the next-gen A3 will have about 80% of its design being identical to the A3 Facelift.

Most of the changes will be inside the cabin as the next-gen A3 is to come out with a long list of new features being offered as a standard. Things like virtual cockpit system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and WiFi hotspot are all likely to become a standard offering across all trims.

If the insiders are spot on, then we will be witnessing the unveiling of the next-gen A3 as early as next year. Are you excited?