Next-Gen Chevy Silverado Dreams Of Being A Ford F-150

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Over the past year or so, GM has been letting out clues on what the next-gen Chevrolet Silverado will have to offer. The strange thing about it is that all the clues are pointing to features that are very similar to the ones on rival Ford F-150.

For starters, the next-gen Silverado is eyeing to wear more aluminium parts so that it can be lighter than before. This will make it better optimized for power and fuel economy. It is pretty contradicting of GM in doing so because they have been a keen hater of the aluminium features on the Ford F-150.

Fast forward to last week, GM shared that they are putting really considering building a brand new Silverado Hybrid. The remark was made right after Ford confirmed on the development of the F-150 Hybrid thus suggesting that GM is tailgating Ford in making decisions regarding their pickup truck.

GM may not admit it but the obvious is saying that the next-gen Silverado will be more like the F-150 rather than something that is traditionally made by Chevrolet.

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  1. Shawn B

    January 11, 2017 at 1:26 am

    First of all yes Chevy is contradicting themselves by going aluminum, but in reality it is more logical and they are realizing this. Secondly the Silverado already had a hybrid truck, long before the f150. It didn’t sell well obviously, but as consumers are becoming more concerned with the environment and fuel economy and the average truck buyers are going all out and spending more on their pickups. Which makes it logical as well.

    Yes Ford is leading the way, in several ways but to say Chevy is trying to copy there every move? Not true. But to this aspect the Silverado must also be trying to look like the f150 because of the stacked headlights that they are very slowly introducing more and more of with every body update.

    I’m not a Ford basher I think they are a pioneer in ways, and have better ways of implementing them, and also the risks they’re willing to take.

    What’s next? Chevy decides to release a diesel in their light duty trucks? Is that copying ford? Or dodge? Did you know that GM actually had diesels in there light duty trucks in the 90s? It’s been done before. Nothing wrong with selling the customer what they want.