Next-Gen Honda Civic Si Design Finalized

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We all know how that Honda is developing the next-gen Civic Type-R but what about the next Civic Si? The Si trim is way more powerful than an ordinary Civic but it is one level short of the Type-R model.

Honda has been pretty quiet in regards to the next Civic Si but their silence ended earlier today when they spilled the beans on the next-gen Si. As how you can see above, the Civic Si looks like it is based on the hatchback model.

Honda played down the hype when they revealed that the Si at LA is nothing more than a prototype. This means that the finalized Si may be completely different from the prototype that was unveiled today.

The Civic Si is expected to make its debut next year and it is going to be way more powerful than the tenth generation Civic. The powertrain on the Civic Si is unknown at the moment but we can look forward to seeing the car running on a 1.8L turbocharged variant of the 1.5L unit.