Next-Gen Mercedes A-Class Signals Early Release

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We are living in an era where many promises gets delayed but this won’t be the case for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The luxury hatchback is apparently ahead of time on the production facility and it may come out much earlier than what was indicated by Mercedes.

Mercedes initially said that they are targeting early 2019 to be the period where the next-gen A-Class makes its debut. Well, today the firm revealed that production speed is beyond their expectation and it means that the A-Class may come out sooner than what was indicated before.

Mercedes may not have shared on when exactly the A-Class will get released but they did share that the car could be ready for the next Geneva Motor Show. If so, then we may see the production-ready next-gen A-Class to hit the dealers by Q3 next year.

The next-gen A-Class promises a lot of things such as a bumped up luxurious interior and the fastest powertrain on a hatchback. The full details on the car will be revealed in Geneva next year.