Next-Gen Nissan GT-R To Be Badged As Infiniti?

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It has been ten years since Nissan brought out the GT-R and it is fair time for the carmaker to develop a successor for the great supercar. The GT-R, while still great today, is no longer special as the competition has caught up to the vehicle’s offering and this is a big call for a next-gen model.

The only unfortunate bit here is that Nissan is not showing any interest in building a new GT-R as they are more concerned with mass-market SUVs and crossovers. But their luxury arm, Infiniti, is showing more grit through their concepts and this has led the rumours claiming that the next-gen GT-R will be an Infiniti.

The luxury carmaker has already made it big in the performance scene after launching the Red Sport cars and they can complete their line-up with a poster vehicle in the mould of a new GT-R.

Even the ongoing NAIAS event is signally this potential through the new Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept which boasts and aggressive new design language. This is a clear indication that Infiniti wants to do better in the performance scene hence making it likely to be the brand building the next-gen GT-R.

But of course, the above is based on rumours and logical thinking hence you should take them with a grain a salt regardless of how plausible they may sound.