Next-Gen Nissan GT-R: Where Art Thou?

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Exactly ten years ago, Nissan unveiled the GT-R and everything that happened after that can be described as pure magic. The GT-R debuted with an extremely price tag when compared to vehicles with similar power output but this did not stopped the GT-R from bagging countless performance victories.

Today however, the competition has caught up with the GT-R. More and more vehicles can rival the price and performance of the great Godzilla. For obvious reasons, a new GT-R is needed to make the car great again and Nissan is surely well-aware of this.

Despite not showing great commitment in offering new sports cars, a recent change made to Nissan’s website somehow teased that a brand new GT-R is in the works. If you are to head into Nissan USA, you will see a dummy text quoting “Lorem Ipsum Dolor”.

These words have a history for being used on placeholder that promises big things and we can’t help but to think that a new generation GT-R is in the works. If we are right, then we can probably expect to hear some early notions on the next-gen GT-R happening next-year.