Next-Gen Nissan Leaf: It’s The Final Countdown

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In exactly a month from now, Nissan is going to launch the next-gen Leaf. In exactly a month from now, the world will get to see if the Model 3 is truly the best choice for an affordable EV. In exactly a month from now, we can place a verdict on how good ProPilot is.

With all of these in mind, it explains why the next-gen Nissan Leaf is the most anticipated car right now. Nissan has confirmed that they will be unveiling the next-gen Leaf on September 6 and they will spill every bean on the vehicle.

The next-gen Leaf promises the best design in the EV market as it will adopt the styling of the IDS Concept. Furthermore, the Leaf is tipped to match driving range of the Tesla Model 3, all-while having a much cheaper price tag. The icing on the cake is with the ProPilot system that is said to be more advanced than Tesla’s Autopilot.

But of course, until Nissan launches the Leaf, we can’t be certain about the pre-launch description. All will be confirmed when the Leaf arrives next month. Let the countdown begin.