Next-Gen Range Rover Evoque Teases Electric Powertrain

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It is no secret that Jaguar-Land Rover is now developing the next-gen Range Rover Evoque and the luxury SUV will be coming with plenty of new things to offer. Among them is an electrified model that will look to offer the best emission level in the luxury market.

Yes, you read that right. There is going to be an electric Evoque coming despite JLR not offering any details on the car. We can confirm on this after seeing the latest spy shots on the Evoque which saw the vehicle having a high-voltage sticker.

This particular sticker is applied on vehicles with an electric powertrain thus confirming that the Evoque will be greener than ever in the future to come.

But of course, we are unsure if the next-gen Evoque will have a full EV setup. For all we know, we could be seeing the Evoque PHEV or Evoque Hybrid in those shots. All will be revealed when JLR brings the Evoque out for an official unveiling.