Next Genesis G80 To Swap BMW-Mercedes For Audi!

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Hyundai’s luxury arm, Genesis, has enjoyed a great start in the automotive market and this is thanks to their great desire to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes.

Unlike how it is with Lexus, Acura or Infiniti, Genesis never second-guessed their decision to offer their cars with rear-wheel drive and this has allowed the likes of G80 to compete closely with the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The G80 is a respectable vehicle in present form and it has made us excited to see on the improvements that the car will get when the second-generation model gets developed.

Well, according to Genesis, the future G80 is being planned for a massive change as they are considering moving permanently away from RWD to AWD. Genesis’ Luc Donckerwolke explained that the RWD system is great but electrification is changing the way cars are being built.

To cater to the new norm of the industry, Genesis can’t rely on RWD hence AWD looks likely to be the only choice with the next-gen G80.

Should the next-gen G80 move to AWD-only, it will be more like the vehicles from Audi instead of BMW or Mercedes. The only good news here for RWD loyalists is that the ditching of RWD won’t happen in the near future.