Next Genesis GT90 Leaves Infiniti Q60 & Lexus LC500 Trembling

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Things are not looking so bright for Genesis these days as the carmaker begins pulling out of major markets where there are no sales potential. Even so, Genesis is not giving up just yet and they feel that the key to success is with the development of a high-powered luxury coupe.

Both Infiniti and Lexus already have a luxury coupe to boost the attractiveness of their line-up and Genesis looks set to follow suit. While not official yet, the luxury arm of Hyundai has teased on the development of the GT90.

This is followed by a leak rendering that gives us a small glimpse on how the GT90 will look like. The concept is pictured above and it promises a styling that can outdo the Q60 Red Sport and the LC500. The GT90 simply looks good and it can certainly put the spotlight on Genesis.

While it all sounds exciting, the above is based on unofficial sources hence you should take them with a grain of salt. Would you see Genesis in a new light if the GT90 is to happen like the picture above?