Next GT-R: Nissan’s New Notion Spell Bringing More Delays?

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The Nissan GT-R is more than a decade old today and it is about time for Nissan to start working on a new generation model.

This is really important if Nissan truly wants to live up to their claims of being the ultimate carmaker as they will need to show some response to the competition that has caught up with the GT-R.

Despite this known fact, Nissan has shown little interest in developing a new GT-R at current moment as their eyes are glued to electrification and autonomous technology.

The latest notion from Nissan further suggests that the next-gen GT-R is still many years away from development. In case you have missed it, Nissan made it clear earlier today that they are building new spare parts for the old Skyline GT-R.

It is the same pattern from Nissan where the carmaker keeps on offering minor upgrades to the GT-R and now, the carmaker is reviving the older GT-R models.

If this is to suggest anything, Nissan is delaying the development of the next-gen GT-R by keeping existing GT-R drivers remaining hooked to their ride.