Next Honda Accord May Force Toyota Camry’s Hand

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Honda was loud in announcing on the development of the next-gen Accord and this got many excited. The next-gen Accord is tipped to take the turbocharged route like the tenth generation Civic hence promising greater balance in power and fuel economy.

With the Accord continuously threatening the Toyota Camry’s position at the peak of the midsized sedan charts, the next-gen Accord may just push itself ahead of the competition for good.

This is something which Toyota can’t allow to happen and they are now looking at different ways at making the Camry more attractive than it already is. New reports from Japan are indicating that works on a much improved Camry is already on the way and the vehicle will be built on the new TNGA platform.

The architecture will further expand the versatility of the Camry which can then allow Toyota to equip their flagship vehicle with a full EV powertrain. Having a Camry EV on-board can create a gap between it and the Accord due to a wider market reach. Will it work out well for Toyota?