Next Honda Civic Si May Hurt A Standard Civic

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It has been two years since Honda launched the tenth generation Civic and the car is still selling ata rapid pace today. This is great for Honda as the Civic’s success motivated them to bring out the Civic Si.

The performance-focused Civic is now available for purchase and it is made to fill the gap between the tenth generation Civic and the all-new Civic Type-R. But then again, if you are to check out the price of the Civic Si and pair it with its performance, you may find greater value in the car than the normal Civic.

The Civic Si is confirmed to retail from $23,900 and this is cheaper than rival cars, or any other vehicles that can offer a similar performance. For that amount of money, you can enjoy 205hp and 192ft-lbs of torque produced by a 2L turbo-4 engine. The icing on the cake is with the manual gearbox, which is some of the best ones we have ever experienced.

Despite being a performance car, the Civic Si is still economical as it can return up to 38mpg in fuel economy. This is really massive and it makes the upgrade from a standard Civic worth it.

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  1. DocMucho

    May 18, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    Make that a 1.5L, not a 2L