Next Honda CR-V: More Signs Pointing To AWD!

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One of the things that many would love to see is Honda breaking away from their traditional FWD layout and move on to having a diversified drivetrain offering with their vehicles.

Rivals Mazda and Subaru have already adopted this strategy when they offer their cars with either FWD or AWD and it looks like Honda may follow suit in the near future.

A new sign has emerged and it strengthened the possibility for a Honda car to be offered with AWD. The sign came in the form of a report claiming that Acura has moved past relying on Honda to build their vehicles. The report revealed that Acura has developed its own platform thus allowing it to build its vehicles from the ground up.

Prior to this, Acura built their vehicles based on a Honda before giving it SH-AWD and some luxurious features. This method has prevented Honda from offering AWD as they fear that it might have a negative impact on Acura.

Well, now that Acura is acting more independently, Honda can start considering an AWD layout for their vehicles and there isn’t a better way to start offering it than through the CR-V.

The CR-V is one of Honda’s bestselling vehicles and the timeline shows that it is next to get a new generation update. While that is still a couple of years away from now, the waiting duration is perhaps enough time for Honda to seek the perfect AWD recipe for the CR-V. Will it happen?