Next Honda Fit Will Be More Complete Than Mercedes S-Class

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When you have to pay an extravagant fee to own a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it is normal for you to expect getting the best features which the automotive industry has to offer.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at the moment because Mercedes, like almost every other luxury brands, are milking the profits from their products by making a number of high-end driving features as optional add-ons.

This is where Honda comes into the picture as the carmaker has announced on a more feature-packed offering with their next-gen products. Among the cars that are coming soon from Honda is the next-gen Fit and the extra feature we are referring to is Honda Sensing.

The automotive AI assistance can be described as a semi-autonomous technology that consists of radar adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance. These technologies are previously offered to higher-end trims only but they will soon become available across the entire line-up – even the basic model.

Honda confirmed on this earlier today and they even added that the move will be in full motion by 2022 hence you can look forward to paying for nothing to enjoy semi-autonomous technology with a base model Fit.

It’s crazier when you see that Mercedes is still keeping such features as an option, even for their flagship S-Class.