Next Honda S2000 Will Be An Acura Project?

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Only here in the US, the NSX wears an Acura badge instead of Honda. We simply can’t understand why it has to be this way but if we have to make a guess, the decision is to boost Acura’s reputation in the market.

This is really important because the next-gen S2000 that may debut in the US has a greater chance at getting badged as an Acura. This is what market watchers are highlighting today when they revealed that Honda will sell the S2000 as an Acura in the US market.

As for whether the S2000 will cross the Pacific Ocean, Honda has mentioned before that it is a possibility and they haven’t reach a decision yet. They did tease further on the idea on April Fool earlier this month.

The biggest clue is when Honda quoted the S2000 to be a once in a decade car hence the next-gen model is likely to make its debut in 2020.