Next Hyundai Sonata: Can AWD Setup End Toyota Camry’s Dominance?

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Hyundai has come a long way from being an afterthought in the automotive scene to a major competitor on a global scale but they still have a lot to do if they wish to end Toyota Camry’s reign as the number one affordable midsized sedan in the world.

The latest Sonata Facelift has already shown signs of this outcome as it narrowed the sales gap that separates it from the Camry but it is still lacking that special extra which can make it more attractive than its Japanese rival.

Hyundai is well aware of this and it is probably why they have been working on a new platform for the next-gen Sonata. The upcoming architecture will allow the Sonata to ride on AWD, something that isn’t commonly offered in the affordable midsized market.

The AWD architecture will hand the next-gen Sonata a much wider market reach and if priced appropriately, we don’t see why the car can’t threaten the Camry’s position at the top.

But of course, we are still 2 or 3 years away from getting an idea on what Hyundai plans to offer with the next Sonata and this is ample time for Toyota to think of a counter to this threat.