Next Hyundai Veloster Demands Subaru WRX Money!

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In a matter of months from now, Hyundai will launch the next-gen Veloster and we can’t wait to check out what the car will have to offer. This is especially since Hyundai confirmed that the next Veloster will arrive with the N-trim which promises an exhilarating performance.

While still not finalized, the Veloster N is expected to ride on a 275hp mill with the best-in-segment brakes, LSD and variable exhaust. The full details are expected to surface later this year but we don’t have to wait until then to learn more about the Veloster’s potential price tag.

Hyundai announced in South Korea earlier today that the 2019 Veloster will retail from $27,000 after conversion from Korean Won. When equipped with the performance pack, you will need to fork out $28,800.

This is, more or less, the MSRP for the standard Subaru WRX – something that is fitting for the Veloster. But of course, the aforementioned MSRP is nothing more than a prediction based on South Korea’s Veloster and it may change when the car makes its official debut here in the US.