Next Infiniti QX50: A Nissan Rogue Dressed In Luxuries

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One of the highlights at the last LA Auto Show is the new generation Infiniti QX50 as the vehicle managed to capture the attention of a large crowd at the event.

It cannot be helped as the QX50 looks great and exciting – at least during our first glance at the vehicle. Upon taking a closer observation at the QX50, we can’t help but to notice a lot of Nissan Rogue hiding beneath the scaled up measurements and luxurious features.

Some of the things worth mentioning include the muscular stance and the way the roofline slopes towards the tailgate which very Rogue-like.

If our suspicions are right, we are not surprised by Infiniti’s decision to base the new QX50 on the Rogue because the latter managed to sell well thanks to its ‘attractive’ appearance.