Next Infiniti QX50: Can You Spot The Nissan Rogue?

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Unlike how it is with German luxury carmakers, the Japanese luxury brands tend to rely on affordable cars to create their products. Some examples include the Acura MDX being a Honda Pilot with luxuries and the Lexus IS being the more premium Toyota Camry.

Nissan’s Infiniti too follow such practice, although it is harder to expose their cars due to the completely different design approach the Q & QX series.

Take the latest QX50 as an example. The SUV was brought out at the last LA Auto Show and you will find it hard to see any bits of Nissan on the vehicle. But upon close observation, we managed to spot some elements taken from the latest Nissan Rogue.

The Rouge may be smaller in size but that didn’t stop Infiniti from borrowing the sloping roofline from the vehicle. You can see that both the QX50 and the Rogue has a roof that slopes all the way to the tailgate.

Then there is the marketing plan with the QX50. The Rogue made its debut in January last year and it allowed Nissan to post a strong sales year for 2017. This month, Infiniti will start delivering the QX50 with hopes of getting the same result.