Next Infiniti QX50 Poses Too Much Like Nissan Rogue

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What is there not to like about the newly unveiled Infiniti QX50? Well, if you dislike the Nissan Rogue, then the answer is pretty much everything.

The QX50 came out at the LA Auto Show and it adopts the same design language as other SUVs from Infiniti. But behind the cool looks, you can actually spot plenty of inspirations taken from the latest generation Nissan Rogue.

Some of the things worth mentioning include the muscular stance and the way the roofline slopes towards the tailgate which very Rogue-like.

Sure, the QX50 may be larger than the Nissan Rogue but the style is pretty similar across the two vehicles. Nissan has scored big with the Rogue since the vehicle made its debut in January this year thus making it easy why Infiniti has decided to follow the same path.