Next Infiniti QX50: When Nissan Rogue Tries Luxury!

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The next-gen Infiniti QX50 gained a lot of attention when it got unveiled at the last LA Auto Show and this is due to the vehicle having an eye-catching design. The interior of the vehicle is also praised for being better in terms of style and luxury.

Everything about the Infiniti QX50 sounds great although we would still not call it exceptional or revolutionary. This cannot be helped as we saw a lot of Nissan Rogue in the QX50 when examining the vehicle up-close.

From certain angles, you can actually look past that typical Infiniti design language and see a Nissan Rogue hiding beneath the suit. The Rogue may be smaller in size but its design scaling is parallel to the QX50.

As an example, you can observe the QX50 in picture above and notice the window line and door measurements having the same cut ratio to the Nissan Rogue.

The muscular stance and the way the roofline slopes towards the tailgate is another thing that is very Rogue-like. As such, it is perhaps right to say that the QX50 is an upsized Rogue with a revised design language and more luxuries. Either that or we may need our eyes checked.