Next Jaguar F-Type Confirms Diesel Is Not Everything

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In a recent interview with Jaguar at the New York Auto Show, the carmaker revealed that their future performance cars are likely to come out running on a high-powered hybrid system.

In detail, Jaguar’s Erol Mustafa revealed that performance hybrids are still a little distance away but it is in the company’s best interest to develop them. Erol added that it is also right to introduce a high performance hybrid powertrain through the F-Type.

Erol concluded by highlighting the success of their test hybrid unit that is co-developed by Williams Advanced Technology, the C-X75. This particular mill combines a 1.6L twin-charged 4-cylinder engine with a pair of electric motors to generate a whopping 888hp.

Seeing that most cars produced by Jaguar today are offered with a turbocharged diesel as their primary engine, the development of hybrids will definitely change the way Jaguar works in the future to come. We simply can’t imagine how a 888hp F-Type will perform when unleashed on the road.