Next Jeep Wrangler: Hybrid Potential Puts Diesel In Doubts

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The next-gen Jeep Wrangler is due to make its debut at the 2017 LA Auto Show and we can look forward to learning more about the vehicle then.

Early reveals have confirmed that the next Wrangler is not going to be a big leap forward on the design front. The good news here is that the Wrangler has teased on many new powertrain options.

For starters, Jeep has received the necessary approval to sell the Wrangler with diesel engines. The idea received mixed reactions from the crowd since diesels are not popular here in the US.

Today, the situation got more confusing after spy photographers indicated that they had just seen a hybrid prototype getting tested behind closed doors. If there is truly going to be a Wrangler Hybrid, then we simply don’t see the point for the 4×4 to adopt a diesel mill for the mass market.

Hybrids are proven to be more efficient than diesels and this can greatly help Jeep in meeting CAFÉ regulations. Adding diesel into the mix may not return a positive financial result as the diesel investment may be forced to compete with the Wrangler Hybrid.