Next Jeep Wrangler To Highlight Ford Bronco’s Heavy Bones!

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The 4×4 SUV segment is about to get a lot more exciting as Jeep is about to launch the next-gen Wrangler and Ford is bringing back the Bronco from the dead. The two vehicles share a massive rivalry back in the 90s but it ended with Jeep grabbing all the sales due to the Bronco’s exit in the market.

This explains why there is a strong hype surrounding the Bronco’s return as the vehicle will restore the rivalry that made the off-road scene exciting to watch. The next-gen Bronco is expected to run on the EcoBoost mills from Ford and it will also have a lot of features taken from the upcoming Ranger.

The only downside to this is that the Bronco is not going to be light in weight. Despite the popularity of aluminum with Ford’s utility vehicles, the Bronco is confirmed to have a steel frame hence the vehicle is bound to come out heavy.

Meanwhile, Jeep has promised on an extremely light experience with the next-gen Wrangler as the vehicle will wear more aluminum parts. With Jeep expecting to win the weight wars, will the Wrangler be able to follow up with an unbeatable rugged performance?