Next Kia K900 Destroying The Luxury Definition Of Audi, BMW & Mercedes-Benz

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2009 was probably the last time we found it easy to differentiate a car made for the luxury market from an affordable offering. The luxury vehicles often have a solid finish, nice design, high quality cabin and plenty of technologies to offer.

Since 2009, the line separating luxuries from affordable has blurred out as mass-volume vehicles like those from Toyota and Honda commenced selling feature-packed vehicles. The same can be said for Kia and it now looks like the South Korean company is doing more to destroy the line which separates the two markets.

Photos of the next-gen K900 had just leaked online and we actually mistake them for an upcoming luxury car from a German company. This cannot be helped as the exterior design has got a lot of similarities to Mercedes.

The inside of the K900 is even more spectacular as the design is strongly related to the cabin finish of a BMW. Meanwhile, the dashboard and the steering wheel look like they came from Audi.

In short, the spy shots strongly suggest that the next-gen K900 will give its German luxury counterparts a run for their money. We personally can’t wait to check out how the finalized K900 will look like when released. Are you excited?

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