Next Mazda 3 Plots Honda Civic’s End In October 17

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Earlier this month, Mazda revealed that the next-gen Mazda3 will feature a new powertrain that offers greater balance in power and fuel economy.

In case you have missed it, Mazda dismissed the rumors linking the Mazda3 with a hybrid powertrain by sharing that the vehicle will adopt HCCI technology. The high compression system is very complex but if executed properly, it can bring out maximum power and fuel economy from just about any mill.

Seeing that the current Mazda3 with a standard SkyActiv mill is enough to rival the latest generation Civic’s power and fuel efficiency, the next-gen model is bound to leap past the current bestselling compact car.

The best part of it all is that the next-gen Mazda3 is inching closer to making its debut. Mazda has confirmed that the car will make its first appearance at the next Tokyo Motor Show taking place in October this year and we can’t wait to see how much better the vehicle is when compared to the Civic.