Next Mazda 3 To Snub Honda Civic Rivalry For Toyota Prius!

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Yes, you read the title right. For years already, the Mazda3 has been battling it out with the Honda Civic in the compact segment but it looks like Mazda is no longer interested in this rivalry.

But of course, this is not because Mazda has given up against the Honda Civic. It is due to the fact that the Mazda3 is about to be a lot better than the Civic that it entitles the car to challenge other vehicles.

Mazda revealed earlier today that the next-gen Mazda3 will arrive with the second-generation SkyActiv mills and this will boost the car’s fuel economy by a whopping 30%. The current Mazda3 is rated to return 42mpg at best hence the next-gen model is looking at figures around the 54mpg mark.

If so, then the next-gen Mazda3 can look to rival the Prius in the field of fuel efficiency despite it not running on a hybrid powertrain. Mazda shared that the new SkyActiv engine utilizes HCCI so there won’t be any need for spark plugs. The engine will operate like a diesel motor that drinks gas thus the improved fuel economy figures.

But of course, our biggest concern here is with the speed of the Mazda3. With the car gunning for extreme fuel economy returns, there is a chance for performance to suffer as a result.